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Teaching your dog a new trick can be a lot of fun and is great way to bond with your canine friend. Apples, strawberries, bananas, cooked sweet potatoes, carrots, lettuce and spinach are some examples of healthy and safe treats for your dog. Present your dogs favorite treat, holding it in your closed hand, a few inches from its nose.
Even though the treat is hidden during this phase, you will still reward your dog with it after it sits. If your dog still doesn't sit, use your hand to guide it into position, using less range of motion each time. Keep training your dog in this way, using the hand signal less and less, until they sit with only the verbal command. Gradually decrease the amount of treats you reward your dog with until it is able to high-five without them. If your dog is used to clicker training, you can also add clicking whenever you offer a treat.

Don't be afraid to offer the occasional treat after your dog has learned to high-five without them. This version of Teach Your Dog to Do a High Five was reviewed by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS on September 2, 2015. Meet Colie, a wikiHow editor from the US who has been part of the community for over five years. You will want to find an area to work with your dog that is as free from distractions as possible. When you train your dog, you will be rewarding them with treats until they learn how to high-five. When you reward your dog, you will have to do so at the exact moment they behave in a way you want them to. Once your dog begins to sit with your hand guiding it into to position, you will want to start removing the hand signals. Once your dog begins to paw at your hand, trying to get the treat, you can start to introduce the high-five command.

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Their unique safety net catches and cradles dogs in a soft strong net in case of sudden stops. If your dog already knows how to sit, you can skip this part, and proceed directly to teaching them how to high-five. This phase of training is done by guiding your dog into a seated position with and empty hand.
Present the hand with the treat to your dog, allowing it to become aware of the treat you are holding.

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