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We’ve featured our share of cool video game costumes over the years, but cosplay for pets is a little less common.
The guys over at Practical Evil dressed up Dante the Samoyed as the game’s canine protagonist. If you’d like to dress up your own pooch in the same Amaterasu get-up as Dante, head on over to Practical Evil for full details. I have a Samoyed who looks extremely similar to Amaterasu & decided to quick search to see if someone had their own Samoyed cosplay as Amaterasu. Those two deaths are from the Kamui Devil Gate failures, when I Continued instead of simply Restarting. Of course, Okami is another stupid game that makes the shitty mistake of kicking you out of the gameworld once you kill the final boss, so to test out all of these new toys you have to start a new game.
What's cool about the new game, apart from being INVINCIBLE, is that you get to keep most of your skills and items, including your money.

I did not buy all of the weapons (saving yen for the Brown Rage attack, which I still can't afford), and I did not feed 100% of the animals (came awful close though) and I did not go after all the collectible treasures or fish.
Getting TO that little island was enough of a timed-double-jump pain, but then you have to make it back. Most of those are alternate dog characters, so your second playthrough could be as Amaterasu the Boxer, I guess. So should I play more, I can finally get Brown Rage and see just how gross they were about upgrading the Golden Fury attack. I hope you brought virtual poop bags, because I get the feeling it’s going to get messy, and the neighbors HATE it when you leave it on their lawn.
I could have finished the game about fifteen hours back, but I decided to set some sub-goals to enjoy the game a little more.
The trick is to run around in a tight circle well enough to get Ammy's speed up, then go for the jump without checking yourself against the invisible ridge that keeps you from simply walking off any given platform.

I would have been pissed if those stupid Continues had cost me one of the game's secret rewards. They're all a function of time, really (except for the Deaths one), so anybody who devotes serious time to Okami is going to get them.
The 100th Stray Bead is the big pearly thing and the string of beads is an item that gives you invincibility.

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