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When your dog makes a habit of running away, you need to establish a sense of order and discipline. If your dog struggles with the "come" command or continues to resist you, consult a pet behaviorist. Remember that discipline and punishment are not the same thing, and if you punish your dog for running away, you're only going to make him want to do it again. Different factors can impact his willingness to obey commands or even come within close proximity of you -- a history of abuse with a previous owner, for example, may make him resistant to obey.

You can't hope to discipline your dog in a wide-open space, in which he'll be tempted to run. This may not sound like discipline in the traditional sense, but what it does is give your dog a sense of consistency, order and submission.
This type of positive reinforcement training teaches your dog that coming when he's called is a good thing, and that he'll be rewarded for it. If your dog detects anger or stress in your voice when you give the command, or if you punish him when he comes after running away, he'll learn to ignore the command.

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