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There are several ways to teach a dog to Stay, some work better than others depending on your dog’s energy and motivation. Praise your dog abundantly and give your pet a treat for any movement that resembles the sit position. If your dog cranes its neck or jumps instead of sitting, put the treat back in your pocket. Remember: Always play with your dog and accept your responsibility to show your dog first how to do it.
Tip: before giving the bowl with food try to tell your dog to sit and only after that give the food.

Whether your training a new puppy or a dog of any age, sit is an important command to have in your dog training arsenal. You want your dog to be completely focused on you, and in a position to hear you and see you clearly.
Then, try again, this time using your hand to push your dog's back end into the sitting position. Continue working on the trick until your dog is able to sit on command without needing a treat.
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