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Most male animals (stallions, bulls, boars, rams, dogs, and tomcats) that are kept for companionship, work, or food production are neutered (castrated) unless they are intended to be used as breeding stock.
Recently she has been pooping all over the house mostly right in front of us and sometimes with guests around. Many older dogs that are not neutered will develop prostate disease or testicular tumors if they survive to an old enough age. There is, however, anecdotal evidence that dogs that are sexually experienced are more likely to retain their sexual habits after castration, compared to those dogs that have had little or no sexual experience before castration.

I was thinking about going back to kennel training like when they were puppies, but I'm not sure if that is the right thing to do. She has somewhat learned to move around the house again independently and has gained a lot of activeness back, but she has also started doing her business in the house when we are at work or during nighttime. We take her out in the morning before work and right after getting back and she eats one meal a day around 6pm. She'll be half squatting with her tail up and just start going as she's walking around the house.

I then lined the lattice with plywood - stapled it on with housing staple gun to prevent the dogs climbing the lattice.

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