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Many owners of dachshund puppies find that potty training their dachshund is a little different to other breeds.
Some new Dachshund owners are not fully prepared to handle their little stubborn bundle of joy. How To Potty Train A Dachshund is packed with tips and tricks to get your Dachshunds potty trained as quickly as possible.
How To Potty Train A Dachshund is packed with over thirty pages of tips and information that will take you step by step from getting your Dachshund to pay attention to you to getting him or her to head for the door when they feel they need a pee. Many Dachshunds were surrendered to shelters by their owners purely because they were not potty trained. A lot of information available online or in bookstores may have the word Dachshund in the index but they are just generic dog training books and are not aimed at any particular breed. Many first time Dachshund puppy owners either use their own experiences from potty training other breeds of dogs or take advice from a generic ‘How to Potty Train a Dog’ book. By applying my strategy you will be able to ensure that your Dachshund has the best start in life and you will never need to worry that one day your Dachshund will ‘unlearn’ his or her potty training. My ebook not only shows you the steps to potty training a Dachshund but contains tips and secrets that ONLY apply to Dachshunds. Dachshund Luke travelled with us from Florida to Spain where we stayed in the mountains for 4 years. Dachshunds are one of the dog breeds that are the hardest and most difficult to potty train. When starting outside, it is helpful to take a soiled puppy pad, bring it outside to the location where you want your puppy to regularly do the Dachshund duty. House training a puppy is one of those things that has to be done if they are going to be an inside dog. Donations are processed through PayPal, a safe and secure payment center, and help cover the costs associated with the Dachshund's entrusted to our care. House training is probably one of the number one reasons that families surrender their dogs to shelters. House training is NOT teaching your dog to not to relieve themselves in the house, it is a a matter of teaching your dog to relieve themselves in the appropriate place. Please keep in mind that although a dog is listed at shelters and rescues as being house-trained, every house is different, and YOU will still need to learn your dog's habits and establish a routine, based on the needs of your dog and your household routines. Depending on what motivates your dog, such as treats, praise or a toy, will help you motivate your dog in the process of training them to relieve themselves outside. Keep in mind that the process of training your dog to eliminate outside, is also a process of expanding their den to include your den.
In this, it's good to remember that puppies younger than 5 months cannot hold their bladder for longer than a couple hours, and they need regular trips outside.

When using a crate, place the kennel in a high traffic area, near the door, so that your puppy does not feel isolated. Paper or Pad Training: Generally speaking, it is not a good idea to paper-train or pad-train your dog. Older dogs need to be treated like puppies in their training or re-training for appropriate locations to relieve themselves. Dachshunds often appear to be potty trained for a few months and then suddenly start peeing in the house again.
In fact, many owners end up surrendering their Dachshunds to shelters just because they failed to train them! Step by step easy to follow instructions will teach you how to be a proud owner of a fully potty trained Dachshund. After working for Dachshund Rescue groups and then fostering Dachshunds in my home, I realized something…. With my ebook, How To Potty Train A Dachshund, I will guide you through the steps so you too can potty train your Dachshund. In other words the author expects their methods to work just as well on a Dachshund as a Labrador. Order your copy of How To Potty Train A Dachshund now and put the strategies I have developed from years of owning Dachshunds, working with abandoned Dachshunds that required potty training and teaching owners how to train their dachshunds.
I created my How To Potty Train A Dachshund ebook when I found out some dachshunds ended up being surrendered simply because they were not house broken. There are various methods for potty training, but the following potty training information is what worked for me and hopefully will be helpful to you, as you potty train your Dachshund. The Dachshund breed is definitely more difficult to potty train, and takes longer than other dogs that we’ve had over the years.
A new puppy has a small bladder, to give you an example a three-month-old Dachshund will need to potty every three hours.
Keep distractions to a minimum, and don't allow them to do anything else until they finish.
Puppies less than 4 months old, should not be confined longer than 2 hours; more than 4 months old, no more than 4 hours. This is counter-productive to the idea of teaching them to NOT relieve themselves inside the house, YOUR den.
The truth is that some Dachshunds can be hard to fully potty train and if the owner does not know the correct training methods things will never improve.
All you need is a little patience and love, and in a very short time you will be able to fully potty train your Dachshund without…. So if you have a younger puppy than they will need to go more often than every three hours and if you have an older puppy or dog they can hold it a little longer.

While the crate is a great mini-den for the dog, the house is YOUR den, and the dog needs to learn not to eliminate in your den. Training your Dachshund the right way the first time is the only way to be sure your Dachshund stays trained. All Dachshunds can easily be potty trained and stay potty trained, but you must first understand the strategy to teaching them. When you teach your Dachshund potty training you will want them to potty outside at some point, so pick a spot next to the door that they will be going out of to potty. So, spend time in all areas of your house, with your dog, then use your command training to restrict areas. With puppies, the hourly rule stands, so be prepared to give your puppy a potty break every 2-4 hours until their bladder is developed enough to hold it for up to 8 hours.
It takes time, like any behavioral training, for a dog to get in the habit of doing what you expect; and, it takes consistency and patience on your part, to ensure for the ultimate success of your dog's training needs. Unlike other animals, however, one of the reasons dogs make great house pets, is their ability to learn the house rules. You will immediately receive an email asking you to confirm your order, then your ebook How To Potty Train A Dachshund will then be instantly sent to you by email. As with any training, consistency is key in working on the processes you want to teach your dog. Just remember when your Dachshund goes potty on newspaper it can soak through it, so make sure you have a lot of paper down and the paper is not on top of carpet.
Please understand my wife and I made sure she was outside every hour to hour and a half when we first brought her home.
Introduce your Dachshund to the paper or pad, show them where it is and tell them “go potty.” No, they are not going to get it right away you have a lot of work still to do. Never rub your dogs nose in it own eliminations, if your Dachshund potties on the carpet somewhere you will want to tell them “NO” in a strong voice and then take them to the paper or pad. Once your Dachshund is successfully using the paper on a regular basis then it is time to move on to the next step. 4. When you take your puppy outside, take along a piece of soiled paper and let your puppy smell it. Tell your Dachshund to “go potty.” When they potty outside make a big deal out of it, praise them and give them a treat.

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