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Bil-Jac dog foods is produced and manufactured in house by Bil-Jac foods, in their production facility in Medina Ohio. If you look at their websites and consider the brand, it is clear that the company wants to produce a high quality dog food brand.
Then you move down the list and you will notice that to get a greater percentage of protein their use chicken by-product meal.

It goes without saying that you want to buy the best food possible for your growing puppy, especially if you have a small bread which naturally is going to eat less, yet still needs the proper nutritional supplements, vitamin and daily protein to remain healthy, energetic and for development of strong bones and muscle. For the better part of a decade the company only sold frozen dog food, which they considered far superior to any other type of dog food on the market. With ground up corn being a cheap filler product and which may potentially have food allergies, we just feel the company could of used a better product in place of the corn meal as one of their top 5 ingredients.

But most pet owners set their personal bar slighly higher than what the Association of American Feed Control Officials or federal government sets forth.

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