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As we report today, the decision to sell the Harriers was taken in a fit of pique to punish Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope for having the temerity to revisit the aircraft carrier issue during a press briefing earlier this week.
What better way to put a sock in Sir Mark's mouth than to sign off the deal to flog the Harrier fleet to the U.S. One factor was the Rapid Technology Insertion (RTI) Program that resulted a successful first flight of the Sniper ATP attached to a Harrier within 60 days from inception of the project.

Lockheed also quotes a Harrier test pilot who cited their pod’s long range performance, creating a stable, accurate, sharp enhanced zoom image in both TV and infrared.
It is understood that the majority of the 40 serviceable Harrier GR7 and GR9s will be sent to America where their engines and general hardware such as cockpits and flaps will be used to service USMC aircraft. But during the subsequent Libya air campaign the First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope, infuriated the Government by pointing out it would have been cheaper, quicker and more effective to have kept Ark Royal and its Harriers rather than fly missions from Italian air bases.

In his first major interview, Ralph Hooper, the aerospace engineer who was the driving force behind the Harrier, told The Mail on Sunday: ‘It makes me both sad and angry.

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