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German shepherd dog training, German shepherd dog training stops - grown- german shepherd trained.
Dog training & socialization - dogs, dog breeds, dog, No enjoys unruly, disobedient dog.
Dog tracking & training, Enables intuitive, 1-hand training 6* dogs 6 levels continuous stimulation, tone setting, range 1 mile. A German Shepherd puppy bought from a respected breeder will usually cost between $300 and $900 (or more), depending on whether she is a normal German Shepherd, show-dog or a working dog.

Dog TrainingIf your dog needs to perform a reliable recall, a sit, sit stay, down, down stay and heel off leash, no matter what the distraction, you have found the right place. Whether you are about to buy your first German Shepherd puppy, or have had several German Shepherds during your lifetime, we want to make your life easier.
You can also adopt a German Shepherd from an animal shelter or rescue organization (I highly recommend this - you might as well help save a German Shepherd) for a small fee - sometimes less than $100 for animal shelters, and $100 to $200 for rescue organizations. A puppy whose parents (and often grandparents and other relatives) are proven show or hunting champions has the potential to excel in these areas as well and will cost more money than a puppy who is the offspring of just average parents.

Finally, the most expensive German Shepherds are those adults who have already proven themselves as show dogs, K9 or breeding dogs.

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