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April 18, 2012 · by Trish - Mom On Timeout · 4 Comments 20 Fun Earth Facts for Earth Day! There are about 3.1 million jobs out there that can thank recycling, reuse and re manufacturing! Learn about one of the most beautiful places in the world, and why supporting Earth day is truly worth it! Thanksgiving Facts For Kids First Thanksgiving History For KidsThanksgiving Facts For Kids First Thanksgiving History For Kids I love Thanksgiving.

Earthday Educational Ideas Activities Fun Facts Contests Crafts Activities Lesson Plans Games Flag History Classroom Homeschool Downloads for Kids Educators Friends Family. I’m so glad you found this page, so you can learn some fun Thanksgiving facts for kids!
Halloween is one of my absolute favorite holidays and I’m excited to get to share with you what it’s all about! I know some of you secretly love reading my fun facts as much as I do writing Here are some interesting facts that might make your world spin!

I’m excited to share with you some fun and helpful ways to take part and participate in Earth Day this year! Learn the history and some interesting facts about Earth Day.Test your knowledge of Earth Day with these fun trivia quesitons!

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