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Dogs eating grass may look "abnormal" for some dog parents, but in reality, if your dog nibbles on grass occasionally, it is quite normal.
Once in a while, you may notice that your dog exhibits a frantic behavior - waiting impatiently at the door to get out of the house. You may say, "But he has been eating the same food for years and never has had this problem before!" Unfortunately, dogs can develop food intolerance or even food allergies suddenly, especially if they have been eating the same food for a long time.

It is also important to know that some of the grass your dog is seeking out probably contains nutrients that your dog is lacking and therefore seeking. Thus, it is always a good practice, if your dog eats grass occasionally, to take a closer look at his diet. If you want to stop your pup from eating grass out of boredom, keep your pup busy - both physically and mentally.

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