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Very similar in appearance to a small dingo, the Carolina dog was the first domesticated dog of the Americas.
If you have gotten a new dog, and you don’t know what breed they are, then you have a few options for determining the breed. First, you will want to start by measuring their height and weight, and making a note of their physical features.
The next thing that you will want to do is take a look at their level of energy and how they interact with other animals and people. Once you make notes of both physical and behavioral characteristics, you will want to do some research. This dog does, however, have a shortened lifespan due to an inability to absorb nutrients that is predominant in the breed.
The good news is that there is one method that is a sure fire way to ensure that you know their breed spot-on.

First, you will start by researching their color, markings, height, and weight, then follow up with behavioral characteristics.
They are usually able to look closely at their teeth markings and other details that you may not notice.
Knowing your dog’s breed is important, because believe it or not different breeds require certain specific dietary and exercise requirements. Sometimes, you can just look at their markings and other features and easily compare and contrast these details with certain breeds so that you can determine what they are based on these facts. They likely have a lot of experience dealing with dogs that are mixed breed, and they have probably dealt with dogs of all different types of breeds. Some may even be more prone to certain illnesses, and it is really important for you to be aware of these things. This is probably one of the easiest ways to tell, but you won’t always know for sure, especially if they are a mixed breed and have characteristics of different breeds.

When you make a note of these behaviors, you will be that much closer to knowing their breed. They may be able to tell you after a quick examination, but sometimes they may still be stumped. The owners and breeders began interbreeding dogs based on different hunting and visual attributes they liked in other dogs, resulting in the curly and long-coated varieties of retrievers.
This is often the case in mutts that have been mixed with various different breeds down the line.

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