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Dog trainer Cesar Millan poses with Lassie at 2008 Primetime Creative Arts Awards in Los Angeles September 13, 2008.
The Cesar Millan death hoax reportedly continues with a message that honours the trainer's memory through his contribution to society with his dog training profession.
Reports of Cesar Millan's death from a heart attack have already been considered as a hoax even though the trainer's rep has yet to comment.
New Yorkers love their dogs, but life in any major metropolis offers up some serious challenges to dog owners.
Newman, who opened Calm Energy Dog Training in 2008, says that while owning a dog in the city offers unique challenges it can be great for the dog.

According to Newman the three keys to a fulfilled, happy, obedient dog are exercise, socialization and leadership. Newman mostly works privately with clients and their dogs because each dog is an individual with their own unique needs. Newman says that off-leash time at the dog park is the best way to exercise and socialize your dog. Newman, who used to teach philosophy at both MIT and Tufts University in Boston takes a contemplative, philosophical approach to dog training.
Rumours of his death from a heart attack surfaced after the famous dog trainer was allegedly hospitalised.

I have been trained in both, I respect them both, and I take what is best from both and do what is best for the individual dog.” Newman said.

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