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Stray Dog Diet: Dogs are widely thought of as carnivorous, but they are not beholden to a need for a protein-only diet.
For a cat, however, we couldn’t think of anything more shocking than current statistics about animal homelessness in the United States.
We became homeless and thank god I found someone to house our baby until we can find something affordable. Dogs come in every shape and size, and the only factor that separates a stray dog from a house dog is the small issue of ownership.

It’s taken no time for his stunned expression to sweep the internet, with people making him appear shocked about all kinds of things.
Wolves are less tolerant of dogs and will likely kill a stray that enters the pack territory. Stray dogs live on the outskirts of humanity and because of this they are usually leery and mistrustful of humans. House pets are often victims in scuffles with stray dogs, and organized packs will hunt domestic animals inside yard enclosures.

Homeowners also worry about cleaning up garbage strewn through the streets after a stray dog has wandered through.

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