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Like skate there are no bones in dogfish, just a piece of cartilage that is very easy to remove after the fish is cooked. Spiny dogfish are one of the few fish populations in good biological condition that New England fishermen can still catch, having recovered from a crash back in the early 1990’s. In any event, dogfish are abundant, the dogfish fishery in New England has been blessed by an eco-labeler as sustainably caught, and all that is missing are markets. Once a fish despised because of the havoc it caused with fishing gear and its voracious predation on more valuable commercial fish, many fishermen who can no longer find cod or other prime species are turning to dogfish out of financial desperation.

Most dogfish are destined to the whims of the European fish markets to become the “fish” of “fish n’ chips”, but that market is unreliable and prices to the fishermen barely cover costs. I dropped in on my local chef and he was serving a fabulous skate wing recipe but no dogfish.
The dogfish was about three feet long and completely swallowed by the sand tiger shark."The shark was being monitored to gain information about shark population levels in the ocean. Without some focused removals of dogfish and skates, some scientists think it might be difficult, if not impossible, for a number of groundfish species to recover.

I called one of the New England Fishery Management Council members, who works for the redoubtable Foley’s Fish in New Bedford and she told me, “No, we don’t buy it or sell it.” The Cape Cod fishermen told me that they were told not to land any dogfish.

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