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Hanna Mandelbaum (right) and Alison Wiener make dog food that’s good enough for humans to eat (which makes their best friend Connor not too happy).
Evermore Pet Food owners Hanna Mandelbaum, 30, and Alison Wiener, 38, are vowing to eat the chicken- and beef-filled varieties at least once a day to prove that what’s good for the greyhound is good enough for them. Canines and humans have different nutritional requirements, with the former species requiring more protein, she noted. The food comes frozen, costs between $12 and $14, and is available in over 30 stores citywide.
Every dog lover wants to ensure their canine companion stays healthy and strong, and this means putting them on the right diet. We asked our resident dog-loving reporter, Yoshio, for his advice to fellow dog-owners on how to pick the best chow for their best friends.
Surprisingly, the woman said she chose to begin eating dog food after she found herself famished one day and pulled a doggy treat bag off of her own store shelves.

Although the woman and some of her employees first found some of the foods unpalatable, they appear to be adjusting to the pet food diet without too much difficulty. Eating the dog food as part of a healthy three meal a day diet, Hanna and Allison prove their month long experiment in canine cuisine by broadcasting each meal time on a webcam on their website.'Every day we eat a bowl of out own recipe dog food to prove that unlike some other fancy dog food producers we know and trust our product,' said Hanna. Back in 2008, Councilman David Yassky (D-Brooklyn Heights) initially promised to eat a dog biscuit made by an organic pup food company also in Red Hook, but he demurred when he was presented with the savory treat in question. But with so many different kinds of dog food on the market, it may be difficult for owners to choose one that agrees with their dog’s physiology and palate.
Similar to blue cheese, dog foods with a strong aroma are preferred by aficionados like myself, though laymen are often put off by the pungent odor,” remarked Yoshio. The woman, who owns a pet shop, said that she was inspired to undertake the challenge because she believes far too little attention is paid to the ingredients and processes used to create dog food.
Statements from experts at the Food and Drug Administration indicate that pet food is not necessarily beneficial for humans — dogs and people have different dietary needs altogether.

Nutritionists say that there probably are some dog foods that are healthier for humans than those in grocery stores, but that eating pet food cannot possibly be a long-term solution. And it appears that a generation of dog food eaters are posting their culinary fetish on YouTube. However, both dog food and human food must be clear from pathogens, and they must also comply with certain food additive and labeling requirements.

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