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Psychological causes like high stress or excessive boredom can also lead dogs to eat cat feces.
Apart from all these, there are certain physical or medical issues that can make your dog eat cat poop. These 20 dogs have one thing in common: they like to go where cats go, and do what they do. It could be that he’s missing something from his diet or it could just be that he really really likes the taste of kitty poops.
You can place your cat’s litter box away from the way in of your puppy, but it does not offer a guaranteed solution to the problem.

Usually, puppies see their mothers eating the poop of the young ones in order keep the living places clean so that wild animals become unable to track down the hideaways and attack the cubs. These adventurous dogs will venture into cat territory to explore, make friends or find a comfy spot to nap. This protein-rich fecal matter is very appealing to those dogs, which do not receive enough dietary protein. Some dogs follow their owners and try to carry out the similar tasks preformed by them in order to make their jobs easier. Since dogs are dumb enough to think Beggin’ Strips are really bacon, then they’d probably be fooled by fake cat crap too.

The Portland based (no surprise there) Dog Dreams Baking Company makes Kitty Poops, the best only cat poop dog treat on the market. And as a bonus, you get to look like a crazy person who keeps cat crap in baggies to feed to the dog.

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