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Belanger is quick to point out that for most players, acquiring the skills gained through the seamless online gameplay should be easily achievable.
Along with the fully integrated seamless online multiplayer, Watch Dogs also lets another person challenge you via a second screen. Watch Dogs also includes the ability to free roam with multiple players, which Belanger describes as a more of a “bonus” than a full mode. The seamless online gameplay is there for you to enjoy, but how you play is totally up to you. Having tried out several of the online modes, I’m happy to affirm that the seamless online multiplayer does indeed feel natural to the Watch Dogs experience and fully integrated into the world. I've waited for this game for like a long time, and i told my friends about this game and they bought it, all my friends including me have PS3 and everyone wants Free Roaming Online, on the current-gen consoles like PS3 and XBOX 360, please try thinking and making an update enabling free roam. Cyanide is bringing the world of Confrontation to the multiplayer battle arena, prepping Dogs of War Online, a free-to-play strategy war game, for a Q2 PC launch. Thanks to games like League of Legends, the online battle genre is undergoing a renaissance of sorts. More than just an online battle game, players will have to take care of troop management between skirmishes, too.

And yes, this post is all about the various ways that multiple players can interact with each other in Watch Dogs. When it goes up you can gain skills – meaning that the seamless online isn’t just fun but also provides a benefit.
Untill then I see no reason to touch the online aspect of this game in a competitive manner. I mean if you dont lower the price or lut online free roam for last gen consoles your privably going to loose money. As Belanger explains, both the tailing and intrusion gameplay are built to “create a neutral-positive dynamic between two players that’s in the universe of Watch Dogs. Their concept of online gameplay (unique to them in the WHOLE of game design) is utter trash. You all promised great online experience and the Watchdog creators took that away from last gen gamers. Of course the best part is the fact that the vast majority of these games, including the upcoming Dogs of War, are free-to-play, meaning there’s zero risk for players to at least try the game out. They cannot figure out projectile timing. To laud the online gameplay is to say that you like waiting for the choppy lag of European players.

And things like hide outs and missions are probably not going to be a big deal if they are not available in online free roam. I still think that Ubi pulled a D**k move and I would not have bought the game if I know about the limitations.
The only reason I bought this game is mainly to play online decryption and then online free mode. I wouldn't have been so disappointed if at least the game included online decryption where you can shoot other players and have a lot of fun. It’s a fully integrated way to enjoy online gameplay with other people, while remaining immersed in your own version of Watch Dogs’ Chicago. I swear that is ubiaoft do not give us at least online decryption I will never buy another ubisoft game. Ubisoft chose a very bad time to pull a low down stunt like that in the midst of time when most people don't have the $500-ish to spend on the xbox one or ps4, the game, and online subscriptions and stuff. It might just be that I play xbox 360, but I have run into a lot of glitches such as the Focus ability not working even when I have online play disabled.

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