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Even shredding inedible items can be entertaining, listening to a sofa shred and pulling out the fluff is like destroying a really BIG dog toy!
He may whine in his crate and that can be normal, stay home with him while he is crated to make sure he is not going to injure himself, you can also set up a video camera to see what he does when left alone and monitor him.
According to the experts at Pet MD, “Separation anxiety in dogs usually results in destructive behavior when an owner leaves the pet. Separation anxiety causes some pets to be extremely destructive while their owners are away.

Other behavioral conditions may mimic separation anxiety so it is important to analyze the symptoms and history of the dog.
It is important to ensure the dog that they are safe when the owner is not present and that the owner will return.
For example, teething kittens may need appropriate things to chew on or not be fully housetrained and may not truly be experiencing separation anxiety. By gradually eliminating the dog’s fear and fostering a sense of safety for the pet, many behaviors can change.

These dogs will usually behave in an excessively excited manner when the owner returns home.

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