How to stop puppy from biting leash

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Author: admin, 11.07.2015

A week ago, Hollywood ‘dog whisperer’ Cesar Millan scarcely registered in the national consciousness. But he also says that spike chokers and electrical devices ‘may be helpful’.On his website, Cesar says that an electronic dog collar ‘is the most successful’ at stopping unwanted barking, but says owners should seek expert advice before using them. I’ve seen you punch a dog in the throat to get it to behave, and to most people, like myself, this is totally unacceptable as a way of training an animal.

Others say the Mexican-born dog trainer – who is rumoured to charge ?60,000 to tame Hollywood pets – uses tried-and-tested methods.
A dog’s natural tendency when there’s food around is to keep checking that another dog isn’t about to take it from him. So I clicked my fingers and made them concentrate on the dog bowl in front of them.’Cesar’s fame was spreading.

Then Oprah Winfrey mentioned on her show that her dog, Sophie, had started biting other dogs.

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