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Our Private Lesson Dog Training is a great way to get your dog trained and be involved throughout the process. In Kennel Dog Training is a great option for Dallas, Texas area dog owners to have their dog professionally trained. Highland Canine Training, LLC is one of the largest and most respected professional dog training companies.
Providing quality dog training solutions to our Dallas, Texas clients, we take pride in being the recommended dog trainer for the Dallas Metro area. An alarming number of dogs are discarded and placed in shelters each year primarily because they exhibit unwanted behaviors or aggression. Our goal is to provide dog training clients in Dallas, TX with the dog training solutions that will work for them and their dog to foster better relationships and provide dog training that will endure.
Our Dallas, Texas dog trainer, Rachelle Buckner, employs simple and effective methods for training dogs and teaching pet dog owners. Rachelle happily works with dog owners and dogs of all breeds, ages, sizes, temperaments, and behavior problems throughout the Dallas, TX area. Unlike many academic dog behaviorists, who will simply waste your time and money, Rachelle provides real-time solutions to dog aggression and other dog behavior problems. These dogs will not only help children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders interact with other children as well as other adults, they can also ensure their daily safety.
We offer service dogs and service dog training for a variety of special tasks and customize each dog to meet the individual needs of the client.
Unlike many other programs, we have a relatively short waiting list and we are able to deliver the dog to you. Although it was a group class, we were all given individual time with Rachelle to address our special dog’s behavioral issues. At Highland Canine Training, LLC we understand that these same dogs, with the proper training and communication, can make some of the most loyal and adoring family dogs. With proper training and improved communication, you can have the well-mannered dog that you want.

Her approach is quite simple: educate dog owners on the proper techniques to understand and properly communicate with their dogs to build a positive, productive and lasting relationship. She studied and learned about animal care, nutrition, husbandry, rehabilitation, enrichment, behavior, and training. She continuously works with clients that have dogs with behavioral issues to help effectively rehabilitate them.
We offer simple,results oriented dog behavior modification programs and specialize in dog aggression, dog fighting, shyness, phobias and fear aggression, territorial aggression, dominance aggression, destructive behavior, barking and other dog behavior problems.
Our experience and commitment to training service dogs for those who need them is second to none.
Our dogs have the capabilities to assist people with physical impairments to make day by day life more convenient as well to ensure the safety and well-being of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. This allows everyone the opportunity to see the service dog perform in the environment that it will live and work in everyday as opposed to a training facility where it is comfortable.
We strive to ensure that each dog reaches their utmost potential and becomes a reliable and faithful companion. Highland Canine Training, LLC proudly offers a variety of dog training and dog behavior services in the Greater Dallas, Texas area. We have been able to successfully rehabilitate hundreds of dogs that others suggested to euthanize.
Experienced in utilizing a number of tools and methods for training dogs, Rachelle teaches clients how to properly utilize clicker training, positive reinforcement and motivational skills training, as well as remote collar training to reach their dogs full potential. Autism assistance dogs often times assist these children with sleeping better at night by reducing their risk of insomnia, interrupting repetitive behaviors, and accompanying them to school, doctor visits, and helping them with their daily interactions with others. We offer In Home Dog Training, In-Kennel Training, Private Lessons, Behavior Modification and Group Classes so that you have a training option that fits within your schedule and budget. Highland Canine Training offers professional, effective dog training services based on humane and motivational techniques. Our dog behavior modification programs provide you with reliable solutions to some of the most extreme dog behaviors.

We currently offer these service dogs for sale or can train your personal dog upon completion of our assistance dog evaluation. The dog is a companion that will not only bring comfort to the child, but the dog gives the child something to bond to.
We will also train an existing dog as long as it passes our service dog temperament and trainability testing.
Best of all, you and your dog will be able to enjoy a more productive relationship for a lifetime. She desires to teach each and every client how to have a companion, not just a dog, by using clear, methodical, and effective methods. Like our other programs, our behavior modification programs include a lifetime guarantee and our trainer is committed to ensuring that your dogs behaviors are maintained for life. Service dogs can be taught to retrieve items, apply deep pressure, tracking and scent discrimination, turn on and off light switches, pull and walk beside wheel chairs, open and close doors, balance unsteady people, etc. After training and with improved behavior, your dog will get more walks, enjoy more playtime and be allowed more freedom than ever before.
Rachelle realizes every dog is different, therefore her treatment plan for each dog is specific. This dedication to our clients and our reliable approach to training dogs and people make us a leader in the industry. Rachelle can discuss your concerns with you to help you decide on the best training option for your dog.

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