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Owners grab the leash and think they will take their dogs for a stroll for a few blocks, but your dog needs more exercise than you think. Your dog is probably over excited (from a boring day of hanging out doing nothing) and over exuberant and his natural instinct and desire is to go as fast as possible; which leads to pulling you with his leash.
As people, we tend to be pretty self-centered and therefore not very consistent in our dog training. Instead you may need to stop in your tracks when he is pulling, or change your direction, or just go home. If you take your dog with you, even if you want to take him to the park, you need to do what is best for him AND his training.
I have seen owners who use prong collars sometimes, or smack their dogs with the end of the leash, or pop the leash so hard they send their dog flying. Most dog owners think leash manners and not pulling on the leash should be some kind of instinct that all dogs but theirs are born with!

It is pretty natural to get over excited and pull against something that is restraining you from doing what you want to do (go FASTER).
For those of us who compete in dog obedience training trials and have great on and off leash dogs we mock the idea that dogs are hard wired to walk nicely on leash.
We KNOW firsthand how difficult and how much time it takes to have a dog that listens and respects the leash.
It took months of training and adding distractions slowly to get a dog that I could walk to the park consistently with very little effort.
Dogs need consistency and TEACHING in order for them to respect the leash and not pull; and sometimes those skills need to be revisited when the dog decides to pull. As you mentioned that our dog is not a robot, then somebody else said the proper position of dog when walking is in heel position or left side. What if the dog refuses to walk and get scared when he sees the leash, by forcing him to walk I will have a stop every minute.

My springer spaniel is a treasure to love till I pick up the lead and then he is a monster and I am lucky I still have my arm in its socket.
However, and this is the truth, my German Shepherd pup learned how to walk on a leash without pulling…it seems natural to him…an enigma!
Sometimes, if I look at the video of heel position when we are walking with our dog, it is so nice. Now, having to start the lead training all over again as she’s getting braver about going out – hard work with a 40kg 17 months dog!
So, when we take him on a walk it counterproductive if we bring him back into the house because he pulled on the leash.

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