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For those of you who are set on making sure you never get a dog with this despicable and stinky trait, the survey revealed some important factors you may want to know. Before you raise your hands wildly and proclaim that the dog must be lacking something in his diet, read on. There were also some breed dispositions: 38% of border collies had a history of eating poop and 40% of shelties did, too. First off, realize that dogs evolved over the last 10,000 + years as scavengers feeding off human trash. A video revealing that the Secret to Dog Training is that the owners have to consistently reward desired behavior and remove rewards for unwanted behavior with exact timing until the desired behaviors become a habit. This makes perfect sense, I have often wondered why dogs perform this behaviour, my rescue dog is a prime candidate, my husband jokes "we took on Brian because he had the cleanest kennel, and now we know why!!" joking aside, we made the conscious effort to remove any excretion from our back garden straight away and his horrible habit has since fazed out.
Jen G, I am not entirely sure we can chalk up "poo" eating to being sick or imbalanced due to illness or medication. My dog last year when though some intestinal issues, at the peak of this time period our walks had turned into one giant poo search by my dog. If anything this suggests our dogs are trying to self medicate so to speak verse a "root cause" for what causes a dog to eat poo. Dogs do some pretty crazy things, several of which fall within the "dog being a dog” realm.
While you look on in shock and horror as you watch your dog down a mouthful of poop, you'll get some solace in the fact that you are not alone.
In fact, a preliminary study out of the University of California, Davis, found that up to 16 percent of dogs eat feces frequently, with 85 percent of the stool eaters consuming the feces of other dogs.

Although gross, stool eating is generally considered harmless in a healthy dog free of intestinal parasites, especially if he’s eating his own stools that are less than two to three days old, says Benjamin L.
However, there is a slight risk your dog could develop an intestinal infection if he already has such an infection and is eating his own stools that are five days or older, which increases the intestinal parasite load. To get this behavior under control, if your dog eats poop frequently and isn’t a puppy or nursing mom, don’t yell at him — and certainly don’t rub his nose in feces, which is inhumane — as this could inadvertently cause him to become compulsive about this behavior, Reid says.
You can also add taste deterrents to his diet, as they can make poop less palatable, or apply taste deterrents to feces in your yard, along your walking routes, or even in litterboxes if he’s eating cat poop — better yet, move the litterboxes out of his reach. Yet another strategy is to try distracting your dog — Reid tells of a dog owner who barked at her dog every time she saw her eating feces — and asking him to do something else.
I think that dogs also like to eat poop because it tastes like the food that the dog who pooped ate.
According to the claims, stroking pets lowers our blood pressure, dog companions increase our exercise, and going to the dog park improves our sociability. For instance, Hart found, “The more dogs you have the more likely your dog will eat poop. It could have to do with the fact that while 15% of the stool-eaters ate their own poop, 85% ate the feces of other dogs. Yin's version of the Learn to Earn program, which is designed to develop leadership skills in humans and impulse control in dogs. But the biggest factor is as you suggest: watching him closely at potty break time and preventing him from eating the stool to begin with. Yin's comment about dogs being scavengers and the theory that dogs evolved in part due their eating our "garbage" all those thousands of years ago is much more likely stronger case for root cause.

Cattle Dog Publishing takes scientific principles of animal behavior and creates practical applications that are easy to understand and accessible for everyday use. As to why some dogs continue the behavior when they’re older, one theory suggests that their diet may be lacking certain nutrients. Consult with your veterinarian before using a deterrent to determine if it’s safe for your dog. Also, realize that mother dogs stimulate their puppies to poop by licking their butts and then clean up after them by eating the excrement. Thank you this will also be great news for some of my more modest training clients knowing their dogs aren't 'freaks' will help them come to terms with their dogs behaviour!
Your best bet is to keep an eye on your dogs when they eliminate and clean up after them promptly.
Also, if you have a known offender, make sure to be careful about letting your dog sidle up to you and slip in a wet kiss!
Hart also inconspicuously slipped in a few questions about stool eating so that researchers could compare non-stool eaters with stool-eaters to look at the numbers of each as well as the characteristics and factors associated with the behaviors. The second survey was just for pooches that had been observed eating poop more than 10 times.

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