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Lily is a Great Dane that has been blind since a bizarre medical condition required that she have both eyes removed.
The staff at the Dogs Trust Shrewsbury in Roden, England, knew dogs Lily and Maddison were special – they just couldn’t understand why potential adopters didn’t see it.
Maddison acts as a guide dog, leading Lily by her leash or by barking so her friend can hear. The pair have been inseparable since they were taken in as stray pups a decade ago, and when an eye infection cost Zac his sight, Lilli became his guide dog. Affectionate chap: Zac likes attention'She obviously knows he is different to the other dogs and is careful to walk round him and not knock into him too much.
Most other dog blogs and media outlets focused on the hopeful prospect that such a love story could continue and that the perfect new home would be found for these two dogs. It’s the happy ending that Lily the blind great dane and her trusty friend turned guide dog Maddison deserve. When the Daily Mail featured the heart-warming tale of the two great danes, who were looking for a new home, more than 2,000 dog lovers responded by offering to take them. Now Lily and Maddison are moving from the Dogs Trust centre in Shrewsbury to live with the Williams family 35 miles away in Crewe, Cheshire. Anne Williams, 52, and her husband Len, 53, a retired fireman, fell in love with the dogs when they read about them in the Mail and their offer was accepted by the trust.
Louise Campbell, manager of the Dogs Trust in Shrewsbury, said: ‘This is the happy ending we were all hoping for and everyone is delighted for Lily and Maddison.
The six-year-old and her companion, another Great Dane called Maddison, had been rehomed together after an appeal by the Dogs Trust. Mr and Mrs Williams will now keep Maddison, but Lily is at the dogs’ home because the two cannot be reconciled. It’s worth noting here that the dog the couple returned is Lily, the blind Great Dane, and not the comparatively easier to re-home Maddison.
Lynn Barber, the head of canine behaviour at the Dogs Trust, said initially the dogs had been happy together but moving to a new home had proved stressful for Lily and she struggled to adjust to the new environment.

Having said that, I wouldn’t be surprised if there WAS a lashing out by the blind dane. It could have been worse, obviously, this dog could have been deemed unable to be homed with anyone and put down for the aggression on the spot. Tell your friend to Google Dane rescues in their area because blind and deaf Great Danes are sadly common due to Harlequin color breeding. The only bad advice is to pretend that an unaware, untrained dog can magically be an assistance animal for another dog, just because that horrible anthropomorphism gives you warm fuzzies. The message here is to look on this situation for what it is, an abundance of human arrogance and failure and the dogs keep paying the price. Otherwise this is not an issue about how many shelter dogs there are, breeding dogs in general, the concept of purebreds, etc.
So you want to get a dog of a certain size and predictable personality, you do not want some one’s 11 year old pet that became available because the person died (as in the case of the above mentioned setter crosses), you want a dog that you can use for duck hunting, etc. If some one is looking for a family pet and they have children, in general they want to either get a young dog they can train and socialize to be reliable with the children or if they adopt an older dog they want to get it from a situation where the dog has a known history in relation to children. The purpose of Chris’s blog is to discuss the need for education in sound practices of animal breeding among dog breeders and the need for empathy for the quality of life that dogs produced by controlled breeding practices will enjoy. This means that a lot of dog breeders need to learn more basic genetics in my opinion and that they should be looking at the whole dog, not just a specific subset of cosmetic traits. And I split my DogTime post into two, the second and upcoming part deals with this very issue, smearing breeders. Dana’s position is very typical of people who do not understand dogs and who do not see dogs as animals with personalities, do no understand genetics, do not understand breeding, and do not understand the dogs long history as an adjunct or a tool to humans. Either all dogs are interchangeable and we should all be perfectly happy with any generic dog from an unknown background, or NOT. To Dana and her ilk, all dogs are the same; ergo, any dog will do for someone seeking a puppy, and therefore anyone wanting a dog should be perfectly to pop down to the shelter and take whatever happens to be on offer. Such studies would be enormously useful for owners dealing with chronically ill (not going to get better) dogs.

Add in advanced age and congenital blindness, and it’s not surprising that the former owners just couldn’t handle the onus any more and ditched blind Lily and her seeing-eye-dog Maddison at the shelter. But blindness and potiential neurological issues are, sure, ADDED stressors that are completely unnecessary. THIS is what happens when you dump a defective dog on the market and expect other people to clean up your mess.
Choosing a dog of a particular breed oes not mean that you choose it as a status symbol in most cases, It often means that you choose the dog breed because you thought it would fit in with your life style, housing family structure, etc. A lot of the predictablity of a dog is due to its parents being selected for certain desireable traits – not its sire being the toughest and most aggressive intact stray male dog in the neighborhood. Our state legislature was working on a bill to overturn the breed specific aspect of our court ruling and the day before the state senate was to vote on it March 10, 2013), someone with a 20 month old child is visiting a friend who owns a pit bull cross and the dog ends up severely biting the baby in the face. Their hearts bleed for pit bulls and they choose to blame all dog breeders in the most righteous and vile manner. It’s worth noting that many pigment disorders have been associated with neurological problems and behavioral issues irrespective of their effects on sight, so not only could Lily be reacting to being blind, she could also have concomitant neurological disorders associated with being double merle. Ten tons of sympathy doesn’t weigh very much against the practical concerns of this dog who has proven to be too much of a burden again and again. In addition if you are a home owner and not a renter you may find that your home owner’s insurance is canceled if you have certain types of dogs.
So popping down to the shelter to obtain a dog is much less likely in our state to yield a puppy that the owner can raise and train to their needs. Denigrating someone who wants a certain kind of dog or wants to raise the dog themselves makes them feel good. Well he sure as heck shows fear in my neighborhood when little kids bounce and scream in their normal play and I will never allow them to bum, rush my dog as is their wont to do oftentimes.

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