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Author: admin, 13.10.2014

The footage shows the dog jumping on the bed and rolling around while a cat watches on quietly.
It seemed a bit unfair the mutt wasn’t allowed on the bed when the feline was, but after watching the footage we probably understand why. After forbidding the dog from going on the bed, an owner installed a camera in the room to see what really goes down when no one’s keeping tabs on the pets. That means it’s all caught on camera (watch above): With no human interference in the way, the cat politely looks on as the dog stages a full-on rebellion, ceremoniously jumping onto the bed with a joy we thought was reserved for bacon and the mailman.

As for the other furball’s bed privileges, well, we assume said humans have long given up on trying to boss the cat around. A dog owner set up a camera to see if his dog was climbing onto the bed when he wasn't around.
The dog is not allowed on the bed so the owner installed a camera to check what happens when he leaves and the dog is home alone. The below video captures a dog doing what it's not supposed to do, and loving every second of it.

Catching your dog stealing chicken nuggets out of the toaster, that's an exciting discovery.

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