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We offer training for all breeds and ages in the Phoenix AZ area, both group and private lessons.
I had a dog that I loved very much but it seemed that she didn't love me or at least she was oblivious to me.
Danae has been our trainer through Puppy 101, Intermediate and Advanced; and we just adore her and how much she has helped us train our first dog. She had experienced severe neglect with her prior owner, had endless unfocused energy, and I had never been a dog owner before.
She took all of his silly rolling around and stubborn barking in stride and helped us resolve any issues we had at home.We are so proud of Oakley and how much he has grown while being at Dog House Training Academy. They don't just teach your dogs, they teach YOU as owners what you may be doing wrong and how to correct it.

She had been barking incessantly and irritating my neighbors while I was away, she escaped from her play area and ate about seven pounds of her dog food while I was at work, she would shrilly whine continuously when I was with her, and was digging holes in the yard at every opportunity among other bad behaviors.
They always have solutions.The Puppy 101 course really guides you in not only training your puppy, but also in raising them, which was so helpful for us as newbie puppy parents.
In fact, she actually had bitten another dog when I was, like you, searching online for a trainer.
The owner, Leah, has created an awesome community!If you are looking into training for your dog with people who genuinely care about you and your animals, who are professionals, and have a fun community to boot, then don't hesitate! She literally transformed our dog into a calm, trained and lovable house pet that is loved by all. If you are struggling with a crazy dog she is worth every penny we spent using her services.

I was embarrassed by my dog's antics but Leah never made me feel like the odd person out.
I did want to mention one aspect that added to this great experience with Dog House Training Academy; Leah has a great teaching style.

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