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When you are looking for Porch Potty Standard Grass Litter Box for Dogs, This is the great shop to have it. To rinse the synthetic grass or training sod, pick up any solids first, then use a watering can to sprinkle a few gallons of fresh water over the top and let the Porch Potty drain itself. At the time of purchasing the porch potty the dogs were trained to use puppy pads inside the house and we could not get them to let us know they needed to go outside! This is the great place to buy Porch Potty Standard Grass Litter Box for Dogs in better deals.

But more importantly, it has been grown without soil, consisting of only the roots and grass blades.
So we purchased the porch potty and they loved it my male dog took to it right away and within the first week he was sitting by the door which my husband and I were amazed and ecstatic about that they were finally getting the idea to always go outside. Most dogs learn to use the Porch Potty best when using the Training Sod because of the natural grass scent that instinctually lets dogs know where to potty.
This allows the layer of grass to drain properly, and keep the drain hose free of soil and other debris.

The cleanup is simple the sprinkler heads with the automatic timer is amazing all you have to do is pick up the solid waste which you are doing anyways when taking the dogs out for walks!
Every Porch Potty comes with synthetic grass, and Training Sod is only $29 when purchasing your Porch Potty.

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