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Whether picky or occasionally particular, regularly finishing a meal is important to your dog's good health.
A picky eater is typically defined as a dog who won't consume all of his food at least once a day. However, if your best friend once had a healthy appetite and then suddenly stopped, it may be a cause for concern. Any dramatic change in eating should be discussed with your veterinarian as well as taken note of to ensure you can identify the cause for change.
If you feed from the table or your plate, your pup will begin to associate your food with his food.

At Bil-Jac, we know that developing food that is both tasty and nutritious is important - because the more your dog loves his food, the more likely he is to be consuming the important nutrition he needs day to day. If you have a picky pooch, we encourage you to take the Bil-Jac Two-Bowl Challenge and share their experiences with us via video. Better yet, remove all people food from his diet, and reconsider snacks and treats if he hasn't eaten a good dinner. Note that often times, some dogs may benefit from two smaller feedings per day - one in the morning, and one at night. For more information on daily feeding amounts (divide in half if you feed twice a day), see our Adult Select feeding chart.

Desi never liked the expensive dog food but I never backed down on that because cheap dog food is so bad. When we started taking care of my mother-in-law she was convinced Desi was starving so she fed her table scraps for 10 years even though I begged her not to.

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