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We are composting dog waste commercially in Colorado and selling it as a 100% safe, high quality retail product for flowers, shrubs and container plants. Number 1 – When dogs repeatedly mark the same spot, or if a dog releases a lot of urine onto the same spot, the nitrogen content can be too much for the grass plants to handle.
Number 2 – Nitrogen from dog poop is released much more slowly, so the longer you leave it on your lawn, the more likely it will be to negatively impact your grass. If you do own a dog, you can make an effort to walk it to an appropriate area that is not your lawn (and you’ll both get some exercise!).
Bonus Myth Buster – A lot of people think that female dogs are the major contributor to dead spots on the lawn because there is a difference in their urine. By circling and inspecting their environment, dogs make the area comfortable and safe for them to go to the bathroom, although not every dog will circle. She brings her pespective on all things handmade to B'More Green, where she will highlight projects you can do yourself as well as crafters who are integrating sustainable methods and materials. Whether you have a dog or not, if you care about your lawn, you know the effects of dog urine or feces on grass – dead spots.

On the other hand, when dogs mark several different areas with small amounts of urine, it can actually have a fertilizing effect. The real reason is that female dogs tend to squat more often than male dogs, who tend to mark several different areas.
They want to know where the meat in their dog’s food was sourced, which dog walkers have the best reviews on Yelp, the list goes on. It's kind of a pilot project where dog owners at a certain dog park are given special corn-based bags to pick up poop.
Female dogs simply deposit more nitrogen because they are releasing more urine in one small area.
For many, this includes not only wanting to do what’s best for their dog, but for the planet, too. And if you’re thinking of DIY-ing it, dog poo is considered unsafe to compost at home because of harmful pathogens. It serves as a way for them to mark their territory, and sniff out where other dogs have been before.

Zangara of Roosevelt Animal Hospital located in Port Jefferson, New York, to ask a few follow up questions about the mysterious sniffs, swirls and squats of our dogs’ doody time. While urine is the most common form of “communication”, when dogs poop, pressure against the glands of either side of their anus can cause glands to dismiss a musky scent on their poop. Dogs also explicit their anal glands when scared, so sometimes, poop can alert other dogs of danger. They'll mix it with top soil if it's not such good quality or use it in gardens if it's good quality.But I've long thought about the amount of dog poop I throw away. I don't know if people didn't pay any attention or did it on purpose, but either way, I can imagine the other stuff that would go into the compost bin at the dog park.

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