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It took me a long time to figure out what this was that Bruno carried to the bed on the porch and chewed up.
The behavior, disgusting as it may be to us, is called coprophagy, and is actually very normal for most dogs. However, if your dog is healthy and vaccinated, it is unlikely that eating poop will do them any long-term damage.
So, if your dog seems fine, even on the days he misses his little “snack,” but you’ve gotten tired of poo-breath, it may be time to take a look at how to stop the behavior.
Training your dog to have an excellent response to a cue (“Leave it!”) is one way to make sure you can stop a gorging session in the litter box. Taste deterrents have their place, and may work well if you have a fenced in yard that only your dog(s) are in. However, if you wish to stay away from chemicals consider these training exercises and natural foods to solve the problem.
In general, it’s good to bear in mind that dogs are dogs, and are not inclined to the same habits that we are as humans.
If you have just started training your dog, you should see to it that you are giving commands that have one syllable only.
Calling your dog and then punishing him is not a good practice, since he has just followed your command.

Sometimes, there is something going on that prevents the dog from getting enough nutrition, such as exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. If you can, the simplest thing to do is to simply clean it up before the dog can get there. You can also get a cat door that will prevent your dog’s entry into the room that contains the catbox, unless you’ve named him Houdini, of course. However, they are practically useless in public, and you should always check the labels before giving them to another species. For example, instead of using sit down, you should use sit, so that it will be easier for your dog to understand and remember.
I had not seen him, but it would not have surprised me if he picked up this chicken and tossed it across the yard like he does with his stuffed toys. Your dog may not even be eating their own poop, but might be eating the feces from another dog or animal. For a mom with a newborn litter, eating puppy’s poop is not only normal, but important to keeping predators away.
If your dog has stopped to sniff some poop and you yelp and drag them away, guess who just got really curious about it!
During walks, keeping your dog on a leash gives you an equally quick response time to anything they may eat, be it poop or an old chicken wing.

That’s right, now Fido is going to want to investigate that even more, and he might just grab it up to take along with him.
Bruno just stands there staring up the driveway, oblivious to my calls and very much in the way of the truck. He was inside the coop for at least ten minutes with no injured chickens and no sounds of upset chickens. I had checked the chicken yard a few times but had not heard anything, which means he was most likely licking up poop again.
I didn't hold his collar at all and every time he turned back to look at the truck I "bit" him again. Your dog might be more submissive than other dogs, resulting in strange poop eating behavior.
I made him sit down and wait until the FedEx guy got out (the guy knows and likes Bruno) and then I gave Bruno permission to go and say "Hi." After the guy left I used the same approach to make him come back to the porch and I made him sit down as the truck left. Dog eats his own feces or the feces of other dogs: Approximately 50% of the dogs I encounter have this.

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