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Dogs Eating DirtThe medical term for dogs who eat dirt is pica, which means the dogs crave a nonfood item. What to DoIf your vet rules out a medical reason, your dog isn't ill but is eating dirt because his dietary needs are not being met. Grass and Upset StomachMany people believe that a dog eats grass when it has an upset stomach and is trying to make himself vomit. Many dogs actually eat dirt at different times in their lives and can be doing it for several different reasons. Some dogs will actually develop a taste for dirt and enjoy eating dirt on different occasions. If your dog eats dirt and then throws up it could be a sign that it is trying to rid its stomach of something bad.
If your veterinarian finds no real cause or deficiency in your dog and you are feeding a good quality food then the next step is to break the habit. If you feel that your dog is simply a dirt eater out of habit, boredom or for whatever reason, you need to help them break the habit. Just like with any addiction or habit you can help your dog overcome this type of pica by helping your dog kick the habit.

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When a pet owner sees their dog eating dirt and sometimes grass along with it they are usually very concerned. Just because your dogs food is sold at the grocery store or the local feed store does not mean that it is a quality food. In fact quite often dogs that eat grass and of course the dirt that goes with it are very often simply trying to relieve themselves of some type of gastric distress by eating the grass and then being able to throw up. This blog was started for his dog training clients and has grown to a blog for dog owners and trainers all over the world. One way to tell whether there might be a problem is if your dog suddenly starts eating a lot of grass, for example.
Ensure that the food you buy meets your dog’s nutritional needs and is formulated for the life stage your dog is in -- puppy, adult or senior maintenance.
Quite often this problem can be cleared up by disposing of the low quality food you are feeding and moving to a much better quality food.

Yes it could be that simple that your dog has decided to give it a try and see what dirt tastes like. However if it is on a regular basis I would take my dog to the vet to see if there is possibly a mineral deficiency that could be causing the problem. In fact it would be ideal if you took your dog outside only on a leash so that you are able to control the habit and not allow it to happen. Sometimes the practice is one you can shrug off as just another dog peculiarity, but sometimes it isn’t. Try giving your dog an occasional carrot or broccoli stem and see whether that cuts down on the grass eating.

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