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Click here to check out the Photo Gallery of dogs who completed the DNA Dog Breed ID Kit and now know what breeds they are! With over 160 American Kennel Club-recognized breeds, finding the right dog can seem overwhelming.
Calling all farmers, acreage owners and great outdoor enthusiasts: This breed thrives on open land, room to roam and work to pick up. Rising early and taking in the cool brisk mountain air before heading to work on the farm starts the day off just right for the Bernese Mountain Dog.
Bred to help farmers pull carts and drive livestock, the Bernese Mountain Dog has been known to carry upwards of 1000 pounds of weight.
Implied in this breed's name, the Bernese Mountain Dog was bred with a thick coat to sustain him in cold weather and a strong, muscular frame for hours of work and climbing.

Pulling anything from kids to livestock, you'll often see this breed smiling with a cart in tow.
With the Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel Insights Mixed Breed Identification DNA Kit you can know exactly what breeds make up your dog. This people-oriented breed absolutely loves being around its human counterparts and protecting the little ones while they play. Just be aware not to push his limits; due to his size the Bernese Mountain Dog is prone to hip and joint issues. Then, Mars Veterinary will analyze your dog's DNA and compare it with their database (Mars Veterinary tests for 185+ different breeds, more than any other test on the market). Although the Bernese Mountain Dog is low-maintenance in terms of grooming, you may opt to brush that thick coat regularly to control its constant shedding.

In approximately 2 weeks, you will receive a packet from Mars Veterinary will a detailed breakdown of the breeds that make up your lovable mutt!
Now when someone asks you what kind of dog you have, instead of saying a "mixed breed" or a "mutt" you can wow them with "Well, she's 37% poodle, 25% basset hound, 20% irish setter and 18% golden retriever".

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