How to stop puppy from biting leash

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In my observations, dogs who spend extended periods of time unattended in the yard are far more likely to be nuisance barkers than those who do not.
If you leave your dog outside while you are gone because otherwise he might soil in the house, chew up the sofa, or get into other trouble, these are behavioral problems in themselves that may require the consult of a professional trainer.
If your dog continues to be a nuisance barker even when you are at home, supervision in the yard is a must.
Regardless of WHY the dog is barking – shouting, glaring, or throwing things at the dog will likely only increase the barking.
If given permission to do so, toss the treats as far from the fence line as possible to encourage the dog to leave the fence and hopefully begin to create a positive association with you. Remember, no matter what behavior problem you might be seeing from your dog, increasing daily mental and physical exercise is a great place to start. If you are the neighbor of a nuisance barker, remember to keep your cool and avoid harboring a negative attitude – the neighbor might be just as frustrated with the problem as you are or they may be defensive about being approached.

It is also an observation of mine that dogs who are left unattended in the yard for extended periods do not receive adequate mental and physical exercise outside the home. Barrier Reactivity occurs when a dog barks intensely at a fence (or other barrier) when a stimulant such as a person or another dog passes by. Daycare can be a great way for your dog to socialize, get some exercise, and break up your work week. Sometimes this method can backfire and actually reinforce the barking behavior, but more often than not, it does help. Nuisance barking is a challenging habit to break and will require dedication and perhaps some change in your daily routine. Over time, this can develop into a near paranoia, where the dog is set off at the slightest disturbance. Consider crate training your dog and ensure he gets a vigorous morning, midday, and evening walk.

Instead move about calmly and silently with your side to the fence, allowing the dog to investigate your scent. This is a place where many of the dogs will bark intensely at their kennel door when you pass, but once you meet the dog in person, he is a friendly wiggle monster eager to play ball.
This can be the hardest type of Barrier Reactivity to remedy, as the dog can self-reinforce this behavior.
Provide ample enrichment toys to help entertain your dog while he is alone – stuffed and frozen Kong toys are a GREAT option.

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