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According to the experts at Pet MD, “Separation anxiety in dogs usually results in destructive behavior when an owner leaves the pet. Separation anxiety causes some pets to be extremely destructive while their owners are away. Other behavioral conditions may mimic separation anxiety so it is important to analyze the symptoms and history of the dog. Even shredding inedible items can be entertaining, listening to a sofa shred and pulling out the fluff is like destroying a really BIG dog toy! He may whine in his crate and that can be normal, stay home with him while he is crated to make sure he is not going to injure himself, you can also set up a video camera to see what he does when left alone and monitor him. However, just because after you leave for work your dog tears up furniture, soils the carpet, or barks all day, it does not automatically mean he’s suffering from separation anxiety; he could just be bored out of his mind or under-exercised.
Other components of the program might include increasing exercise levels, expansion of obedience training, pressure wraps (such as the Thundershirt), and in some cases, medication.
Having owned well-trained dogs all my life, I started Better Nature Dog Training to exploit decades of experience teaching across a number of fields. I teach people how to effectively train their dogs by clearly demonstrating that every interaction counts when training a dog to come when called, for example, or instructing a puppy how to best get along in life.
Training a puppy or dog can be a most rewarding life experience; it can also be stressful and perplexing. This entry was posted in Dog Training and tagged dog behavior, dog separation anxiety, dog training, separation anxiety.

By following these guidelines, you will hopefully be able to reduce the emotional impact of leaving your dog home alone. For younger dogs, gradually accustom them to longer periods alone and precede these periods with quality time. Leave your dog with something desirable that he can only have when alone and that will keep him occupied, such as food balls or toys.
The Purina PetCare Advice Centre brings together a team with in-depth knowledge, experience and special interests with the skills to advise about health and nutrition, behaviour, training, socialisation, as well as basic first aid for your cat or dog. All trademarks and other intellectual property on this site owned by Societe des Produits Nestle S.A. Tick if you’re 15 years or over and would like to hear more about Nestle Purina and its brands. It is important to ensure the dog that they are safe when the owner is not present and that the owner will return. I am nationally-certified through the highly-respected Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and am a professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. The scientific aspect comes from understanding dog psychology from an evolutionary perspective, knowing how dogs are both similar to and distinct from their ancestors, including the grey wolf. One of the best services I provide is taking the guesswork out while lending a sure, guiding hand in successful dog behavior development and modification.
A new pet or an older established one or an animal that has experienced some kind of trauma or illness may exhibit these signs and a vet check may be necessary.

Our team of dedicated pet lovers can also provide information about Purina products and services to help you give your pet the best possible care.
Nestle Purina may use your personal information in a number of ways for marketing purposes, including email newsletters and online targeted advertising. The holistic component derives from taking into account all facets of any particular dog’s situation, including upbringing, prior training, traumatic events and—most importantly—the characteristics of his home and family life. Punishment should only ever be used if the animal is caught in the act, and even then is not very useful.
For example, teething kittens may need appropriate things to chew on or not be fully housetrained and may not truly be experiencing separation anxiety. By gradually eliminating the dog’s fear and fostering a sense of safety for the pet, many behaviors can change. These dogs will usually behave in an excessively excited manner when the owner returns home.

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