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But under the sunny Oklahoma sky on Sunday, the canine partners were clearly enjoying the chance to demonstrate their skills.
Stoops' K9 partner Magnum passed the tests on Saturday, but the pair returned the next day to support the other teams from Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Texas and Florida. The area is used regularly for training and, on Sunday, for the first level of tests the dogs must pass before being deployed to real natural and man-made disasters.

Each dog will have 15 minutes to run through the large pile of debris, locate each buried victim and bark an alert to let their humans know the search was a success. The Oklahoma Task Force 1 and Tulsa Fire Department have created a mock disaster site from old airport runway and highway slabs, abandoned cars, pallets and fencing. They are run through a training course that includes climbing a nearly vertical ladder and maneuvering over ramps, through fences and barrels.

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