How to stop puppy from biting leash

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The City of Indianapolis is seeking partners to support the purchase and implementation of a Bark Park Dog Playground in the Canine Companion Zone at Paul Ruster Park on Indianapolis’ east side.
Indy Parks and Recreation Canine Companion Zones feature a place for your dog to run off leash and socialize with other dogs.
In our great city of Indianapolis it can be hard to find a great place to let your new friend run free.
Central Indiana’s first dog park is on the campus of the Humane Society of Indianapolis.
Bring a copy of your pet's current vaccination record to the Humane Society of Indianapolis during Adoption Lobby Hours and fill out an application.

After confirmation of the above steps, you’ll receive a key fob to the Dog Park, which allows you to use the park even if the shelter is closed.
Your membership is only for you and your dog(s) listed on your application – never allow anyone else or another dog into the park. Dog playgrounds are growing in popularity in cities around the country as they provide a community place for dog owners and pets to engage, socialize, and exercise in a safe environment. 135; it is your responsibility to obtain complete information for everyone involved in a dog bite incident.
Watch Rover romp through the canine agility course while you and your family relax at picnic tables.

The Director of Canine Training is available to assist members who wish to know whether their dog is playing appropriately in the dog park.
Remember, just because your dog enjoys playing rough, it doesn’t mean other dogs are having fun.

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