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There are regular squad training sessions for those interested in Competition Karate, with a very powerful National Team that is sponsored by different companies; the squad is currently sponsored by the Buckinghamshire Building Society. Sat Jun 6th… Many congratulations to those who passed their Dan grading today at the Hemel Hempstead honbu dojo. Sun 22nd Feb… The Sensei Dave Hazard 7th Dan Course at the SSKI Hemel Hempstead honbu dojo on Sunday 22nd February was absolutely excellent. Adam trained with Jamie and SEKU (Shotokan of England Karate Union) for four years until Jamie and his wife moved away to Devon.
Adam has been privileged enough to train with many senior and well–respected Karateka, mainly due to the open attitude of SSKI and Malcolm Sensei in particular.
ETNA was formed late in 2003 by its founder and Chief Instructor Malcolm Phipps 8th Dan and the worldwide Chief Instructor to Seishinkai Shotokan Karate International. The SSKI National Karate Team train on a monthly basis (last Monday of the month), at various locations; please see main Calendar for full details of location, dates and times. He quickly progressed through the belts, attaining his 1st Dan black belt in Judo in his early teens.
His first Shotokan instructor in Borehamwood was Sensei Brian Field (2nd Dan) within the Bukonkai Karate International association whose Chief Instructor at the time was the late Sensei Colin Williams (7th Dan); Tony was an avid competitor who travelled the country competing for his club and association. He currently holds 6th Dan, which he was awarded by Sensei Malcolm Phipps on 1st December 2008.

I have been privileged to train with some of the best Japanese and English Instructors in the world and truly enjoy training and teaching at my dojos. Prior to his departure Jamie contacted Malcolm Phipps Sensei (8th Dan) and suggested that his existing students train with SSKI (Seishinkai Shotokan Karate International).
Sensei Phipps has trained in the kobudo art of Nunchaku now for over forty years and in 2003 trained with Sensei Fumio Demura (see photo below right) in Dallas, Texas at the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame Seminars and Awards. Excellent standard and now both ladies are holders of Dan grades in both Shotokan Karate (SSKI) and Nunchaku (ETNA); well done to you both, great achievement.
It was in the early 80’s when he moved to a new dojo, which was affiliated to ASKA, that he was introduced to Sensei Malcolm Phipps (then a 3rd Dan). Apart from being a Kyu and Dan grading examiner, a member of the association technical committee and part of the squad management team, he is also a qualified and experienced referee and is often asked to support in competitions nationally, as well as internationally on occasions. He believes that the only way to achieve your best is to train regularly and hard with the best Instructors available. Adam joined SSKI in March 1996 and has gone on from brown belt to achieving the grade of 5th Dan in April 2013.
Many thanks to the Dan grading panel on the day: Sensei Malcolm Phipps 8th Dan, Sensei Tony Bunting 6th Dan and Sensei Adam Cockfield 5th Dan. Further invite only sessions, aimed for individuals training for a specific competition will take place throughout the year on dates and venues TBC.

He continues to train at the Honbu dojo and maintains this practice by training at minimum of twice a week. This has become very successful and currently has over thirty boys from the school training! The starting age for training is eight years of age but from eight to sixteen years of age the student must use foam or rubber Nunchaku only.
So, with this in mind, the Association trains only in traditional Nunchaku using correct terminology and genuine Okinawan kobudo techniques.
He was hooked by this new way of life and trained hard passing his grades up to Shodan with Kanazawa Sensei and Asano Sensei. Sadly, and through no fault of his own, a split happened in his local club and he found himself having to travel nearly 30 miles twice weekly to train with his sensei. Malcolm has trained in Shotokan Karate now for over 42 years and has actually taught for well over 38 years and thousands of Karateka have passed through his extremely capable hands.

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