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We have accomplished this by utilizing our feeding and care program and feeding all natural Gentle Giants dog food. To provide a longer, healthier, happier life for our rescued dogs, we feed Gentle Giants dog food with our unique specifications that differ significantly from other dog foods. In three to four weeks after switching your dog to all natural Gentle Giants dog food from any other dog food, your dog can look and act like a new dog!
We recommend Gentle Giants World Class Canine Cuisine dog food to maximize the longevity of all dogs.
We elevate all of our food and water bowls at a height so that our dogs don't have to lean down to eat, they just tilt their heads down to eat. We do not allow our dogs to exercise for 1 hour before and for 1 hour after each feeding - We do not feed for at least 1 hour before and after riding in a vehicle.
Many people have traditionally left their dogs outside during the day, and brought their dogs in only at night. For example, we allow our dogs the freedom to go outside whenever they want to, and conversely, the freedom to come back inside whenever they want to.
So, it does take a little extra effort to pay attention to what your dog is trying to communicate to you.
Our dogs are house dogs, and your dog should be allowed to stay in your house, whether you are home or not.
When we started rescuing Great Danes 17 years ago (and more than 30 other breeds since then), our dogs were living an average of 7 to 9 years. Cancer is the #1 killer of dogs, and 85% of all cancers (whether they end up developing in the bones, organs, blood or skin) originate in the reproductive organs. If you want to adopt a dog from us, you must spay or neuter your own dog prior to be approved for adoption. Our dogs are crated trained, but we only use crates when our youngest puppies are learning to be housebroken. Other breeds of dogs have a short, thick inner coat of fur that protects them from the sun. If someone wants to keep their dog outside, whether it is during the day or at night, whether they are home or not, we will not adopt to them. Our care and feeding program has worked magnificently for the thousands of giant breed dogs and many small breed dogs in the last 16 years here where we could see and experience the results first hand. It is our love for these dogs and our total commitment to saving, enriching and lengthening their lives that has provided us with the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these magnificent animals. You can experiece the same or similar results with your dog by following our feeding and care techniques and by feeding all natural Gentle Giants dog food to your dog. ANSWER: Other dog foods are not designed for your dog to self-regulate how much your dog eats. ANSWER: Bloat and torsion is the #2 killer of giant breed dogs and a killer of all dogs, including small, medium and large breed dogs. ANSWER: Giant breed dogs are more prone to getting bloat and torsion than small and medium breed dogs.

As the world's largest giant breed dog rescue having rescued, fed, cared for and adopted 14,000+ dogs (primarily giant breed dogs) in the last 17 years, we have had to be especially careful with all the dogs that we rescue (usually under great stress when they first arrive here) to make sure that they don't bloat.
Pet store brand dog food is much higher quality, but is compromised by its too high fat content and too high protein content. Originally produced for Walmart by Doane Pet Foods, in 2007 Doane was sold to the Mars Group, which provides the manufacturing of Ol’ Roy for Walmart today.
We have many of our small, medium, large and giant breed dogs living as much as twice their normal lifespans. However, Gentle Giants World Class Canine Cuisine dog food tastes good to dogs because we designed it that way. We never leave the food out (free feed) because if dogs have any stress or exercise with food on their stomach, they can bloat and die. Everyone wants their dog to live the longest, healthiest, happiest life, and if you follow our feeding and care techniques and feed all natural Gentle Giants dog food to your dog, you will have the opportunity to love and enjoy your loving canine family member with you as much as twice as long. Their dogs usually live short lives (in the case of Gentle Giants, usually 7 to 9 years). Spaying (females) and neutering (males) does not only prevent excessive breeding, which, if left unspayed and unneutered, results in so many millions of unwanted dogs that end up in animal shelters each year (most of which are put to death), but, spaying and neutering your dog at an early age (the optimum age is five to six months) is critical to extend and prolong your dog's life. So, by spaying or neutering your dog at an early age, you are giving your dog the gift of a much longer life! In the end, the dogs we adopt have proven to be living longer, happier lives in their new adopted homes, and that has made their adopters happier because their loving canine companion is with them longer. Please watch this video (CLICK HERE) of our dogs self-regulating how much of our all natural Gentle Giants dog food that they are eating.
Now, test Gentle Giants World Class Canine Cuisine dog food in the same way and you won't feel any stickiness - your hand will feel dry. Bloat is the distension of a dog's stomach and torsion is the turning of a dog's stomach which is what actually kills a dog in one of the most agonizingly painful deaths imaginable. All natural Gentle Giants dog food is the result of our observation and evaluation of feeding 600 lbs. Because with the low fat content inside Gentle Giants dog food, and the dry, non greasy outside of Gentle Giants dog food, the constantly accumulating saturated fat currently surrounding your dog's artieries will flush out and be eliminated from your dog's body, allowing more blood to flow throughout your dog's body, which brings about increased health and nutrition.
Unlike other dog foods, Gentle Giants is designed for dogs to self-regulate how much they eat. Gentle Giants dog food is designed to reduce the risk of bloat and torsion, a major killer of dogs. Some people leave their dogs outside day and night, and their dogs usually live even shorter lives. This is one of the most important things that you can do for your dog, and it is one of the key things that we do to help our dogs live an average of 14 to 18 years. We feel that it is in the best interest and safety for our dogs and for your dog that you spay or neuter your dog before we adopt a dog to you. You will notice that NONE of our dogs are overweight and ALL of our dogs are HEALTHY and LOOK GREAT!

It's because if you have any stress or exercise when you have food on your stomach, you can get a cramp.
This can provide your dog with increased protection against bloat and torsion, a major killer of giant breed dogs, and a killer of other breeds as well.
With other dog foods, you need to limit how much your dog eats, so you never know whether or not you are feeding your dog too little or too much. Your dog should live inside your home in the main living area as a member of your family, day and night, and go outside only to eat, to go to the bathroom, for short periods of play, and to be with you and your family whenever you are outside. So, if we want to keep our dogs with us longer, we need to make a special effort to feed and care for them to maximize their life spans.
For 5 to 10 seconds, use your fingers to rub over the dog food firmly back and forth in your palm, then open your hand.
The difference between what happens to a human and what happens to a dog is that when a human gets the cramp, the human can get out of the pool or eliminate the stress or exercise, lay down, and the human will feel better and be fine. We are most proud of the fact that NOT ONE of our 14,000+ dogs under our care during the last 17 years has ever bloated!
Giant breed dogs are not comfortable in crates, and they are not happy in kennels, so we don't use either after four to six months of age.
Once the skin cancer develops, the dogs usually develop internal cancerous tumors as well. We will tell you how to do that so that you can enjoy the same success that we've had, and so that you can have your dog with you a lot longer! Speaking our our success in helping dogs to live much longer lives, please watch the Fox News video at the top of our home page.
Other dog foods contain too much fat, among other things, which makes your dog more hungry! A recent report currently circulating through veterinarian clinics states that as many as 43% of all the dogs in America today are overweight. If so, that is SATURATED FAT FROM LARD OR ANIMAL FAT that has been sprayed onto your dog's food to get your dog to eat it. If this happens to your dog, you have about one hour to get your dog to an expert surgeon, not your typical veterinarian, who can perform open stomach surgery, untangle your dog's stomach and tack the right side of your dog's stomach to the right side of your dog's body wall (muscle to muscle) at a cost of $3,000 to $10,000. Many of the dogs that in that video are 10 to 19 years old, already living twice their normal life span.
Dog food manufacturers test their dog food on dogs in cages in laboratories (usually 10-15 dogs during a 1-2 week period). So, when you feed your dog other dog foods, what is actually happening is that the dog food that you are feeding to your dog is making your dog wanting more and more, which may be good for the dog food manufacturer who gets to sell you more of their dog food, but it is really bad for your dog to overeat. Well, first of all, when you LIMIT how much you feed your dog, you don't know if you are feeding your dog too little dog food or too much dog food .

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