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This class is specifically kept small so that we are able to tailor each class to the needs of the dogs and offer individual attention to each participant. Stop playing before our dog gets bored, so that he will always want more.Cycle through a variety of games. This Premier toy works well because my dog absolutely loves chasing the fox-like-tail.However, it should not be used with a flexible or bungee cord. With a flexible cord, the toy will bounce around more, and the hard tennis ball may hit us or our dog with much greater force. If I am using a flexible cord, I only use a very soft and light toy with my flirt pole, and I do not allow my dog to tug on it during play.With this game, we may exercise our dog while not having to overly exert ourselves. As a result, hunting dogs will especially love this game.Note though, that flirt poles are also used to train fighting dogs, because it increases their prey drive and coordination.
The big advantage of this game is that we can use it to give our dog a bath.My Shiba Inu hates going into the bathtub. I stop from time to time for obedience training, and I do not allow my dog to jump on me or the hose during play.A dog may get a bit obsessed with this game, which has some similarity to the laser dot game.
I do not to play the laser dot game with my dog because it may cause behavioral disorders.The water-hose game is a bit different, however, because the water clearly comes from the hose, and our dog can catch it, feel it, and drink it. The laser dot, on the other hand, can never be caught.Nevertheless, a dog may still get obsessed with, and want to attack the water-hose. If he exhibits this attacking behavior, then enforce strict play-rules or stop playing the game. Therefore, we want to follow clear tug rules.In particular, make sure we control the start and end of the game.

I end with a Drop command.If my dog loses grip of the tug toy during play, I do not let him lunge or bite at it until I give the Take it command again.
If he tries to grab the toy, I give a no-mark (Uh-oh), then the Drop command to stop the game. He will follow the rules during the tug game, but after play is over, he shows dog aggressive behavior during other activities, such as dog walking. That way, he knows that rough play is acceptable with another dog, but never acceptable with a human. Try out a variety of games, and identify the ones that our dog most enjoys.CatchThrow a small ball to the dog so that he can easily catch it in his mouth. Make sure the ball is small enough to fit in his mouth, but not so small that he can accidentally swallow it.Once our dog understands the game, we can make the tosses more difficult. If he really enjoys playing catch, consider training him for disc dog.SoccerKick the ball away from our dog and get him to chase after it. Pick a larger sized ball, so that it is difficult for our dog to keep the ball in his mouth and chew on it. This also makes it easier for us to tackle the ball away.Some dogs, like my Siberian Husky, prefer chasing after squeaky balls.
However, it can be difficult to teach to a dog.While teaching our dog to play fetch, go in small, slow steps. Make sure we already have some obedience training commands in hand, including Drop, as well as a mark and a no-mark. If my dog just ignores the toy, I try using a more interesting squeaky toy, or coax him toward the toy with treats and lots of praise.If my dog comes back with the toy, then there is a big celebration.

He may even take the toy and go play with it somewhere else, or tease me with it.Have patience and treat with a high priority item every time our dog goes in the right direction. Once he has the toy in his mouth, walk a few steps back, call to him enthusiastically, and make sure to give lots of praise when he moves toward us.If the dog runs off to play with the toy, or decides to play catch-me-if-you-can with it, then a higher priority treat or item may solve the problem.
Do not chase after the dog, as that will initiate a chase game and reward him for his running-away behavior.Not all dogs like playing fetch.
It is a good way to train a dog to focus on a joint-activity with us, rather than on other dogs or the environment.For dogs who are more human focused and less dog focused, participating in a sport with us is more fun than going to the dog park.
This will make everyone happy, and enhance our relationship with our dog.A busy and tired dog, is a good and happy dog!Related Articles Play Fun Food Games with Your DogPlaying with your dog will help turn him into a model citizen at home.
Dog play will deepen our bond, drain our dogs energy, and strengthen our leadership position.
While training a puppy, it is important to set up rules and routine, use positive reinforcement, and be very patient. Here are 7 puppy obedience training tips that helped me most while dealing with my little terrors on four paws.
Hyperactive Dogs - How to Calm a Hyper Dog or Hyper PuppyI have three hyperactive dogs, two Siberian Huskies and a Shiba Inu. I guess they can get to play but when our dog becomes to excited she just bites bites & bites.

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