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This no barking collar fits smaller sized dogs well (down to 10 lbs), which is hard to find. One reviewer said she tried the collar on herself before putting it on her dog, and the lowest level was very tolerable - like being pinched. So I spent many hours online researching peoples' opinions and comments who have tried a no bark collar on their beloved pet.
Works by sending out an ultrasonic signal that only dogs can hear when activated by the barking. Spray Anti Bark Collar - Bark Collar emits a spray (usually citronella, but can also be odorless - but reviews have said odorless is less effective) when the dog barks.

The VAST majority of the people who claimed to have been on their last resort AND found a QUALITY no bark dog collar ("quality" is an important aspect), were VERY HAPPY WITH THE RESULTS!
When you first test it on your dog, do it under very close supervision FOR AT LEAST ONE FULL WEEKEND. You know, whether they sounded like they truly loved their dogs or were just trying to shut them up. Some need a quality dog bark collar to help train them out of bad barking habits, some don't. Another reviewer said that neither sonic bark products nor citronella collars worked on his Yorkie, but that the PBC-102 worked like a charm.

Another said the collar worked immediately after putting it on their dog, and in fact, after a while just showing the dog the collar made the dog settle down. I think it may be better for smaller, my dogs deamenor is just too intense for the stop bark collar.

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