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Chewing on toys and ripping them up is a way for your dog to entertain herself when she’s alone, and to let off a little steam. Dog toys made of solid rubber are usually very tough, and the best of them can withstand even the most enthusiastic Pit Bull. A chewy rubber toy full of bacon bits or peanut butter can be irresistible to your Pit Bull. If your dog is able to chew up a toy too easily, she may consume large chunks that can cause a choking hazard or intestinal blockage.
You need to make sure that any toy you give your dog isn’t at risk of splintering, especially when it comes to edible chews. There are plenty of exciting, safe toys out there that your Pit Bull can’t wait to get her teeth on, and we’ve picked out some of the roughest and toughest that you can find. The Tux is a hollow rubber toy that can be stuffed with your Pit Bull’s favorite tasty treat. This chew comes in different meaty flavors to make it even more enticing, and there are several sizes available. Rope toys not only keep your Pit Bull healthy by keeping her active, but also improve dental health by acting like floss as your dog. We deal with a great number of people and have been asked hundreds of times what toys make for good, safe, inexpensive toys for their APBT.
Here's a list of toys we've found to be virtually Pit Bull proof (there's always exceptions to this though). This tug is also machine washable so it doesn't get all funky and leave your carpet stinking like dog slobber.
The Bionic Bone - The Bionic Bone was referred to me by an owner who's dog was tearing through everything. We are always on the look out for cool Pit Bull toys, if it's made especially for American Pit Bull Terriers, that's even better!
American Pit Bull Terriers aka Pit Bulls are thriving as therapy dogs in the state of Kentucky.
Before you go out and get two Pit Bull puppies or add another Pit Bull to your life read this article.

Soft or plush dog toys can be torn apart too easily, and the chunks can be a potential health hazard. The explosion of smells from an old rope toy is enough to excite any Pit Bull during playtime. Toys help to keep your dog active and happy, relieve stress, and are a fun way for the two of you to bond. Pit Bulls need a tough toy that can withstand even the most eager chewer, so it is important to get a safe toy made of a durable material such as rope or rubber. There’s no image more cliche than the family dog happily gnawing away on a leftover bone, but certain bones can make a dangerous home made toy. Bone fragments can cut your dog’s gums and get lodged in the windpipe, stomach or intestines.
This provides your pup with a fun, rewarding challenge that will keep her occupied for hours at a time. The prongs allow your pup to grip and chew the toy easily, or carry it around to show off to the guests. While the Tux can still withstand aggressive chewers like Pit Bulls, it’s not as tough as some rubber toys on the market. Keep a close eye on your Pit Bull while she is playing with anything made of nylon, because splinters can get lodged in her mouth or digestive system and cause major problems. Being able to stuff a toy with treats is a fun feature, but a hole drilled through the middle of the ball also provides a surface for teeth to grip at.
The knots can handle even the most aggressive chewer, and the heavy connecting rope won’t wear down during games of tug-of war. Although rope toys are a beloved go-to toy for dogs everywhere, they are difficult to clean up after and do not last too long in the jaws of an aggressive chewer.
They chew through most toys like paper and end up shredding the most expensive chew toys that were supposed to last forever.
These pups are enthusiastic chewers, and a new toy can turn from a squeaky frog into a pile of green fluff within a matter of minutes.
Pit Bulls like to play with their toys rather than snuggle, so your pup would probably prefer something made of a stronger material instead.

Rope is strong and has a naturally appealing texture that dogs can really get their teeth around. Most rope toys are machine washable, so they are conveniently easy to wash once they begin to smell. A dog that is kept busy with exciting toys will be less destructive around the house.Really Cool Idea for a Homemade Toy for Pit Bulls! Just like you wouldn’t give a baby a marble, you wouldn’t give a Pit Bull a tiny rubber bouncy ball. You should always be sure to give your dog chew toys and bones that are safe to play with and won’t splinter.
These toys are designed by mechanical and polymer engineers to be virtually indestructible, and can withstand a romp with any Pit Bull. Your dog will have a blast chewing on the rubber while digging out delicious bits of bacon or frozen peanut butter. Make sure to always keep an eye on your dog as she plays, in case she manages to tear off a large chunk of rubber.
If you notice that your dog’s Dura Chew is falling apart or has large chunks breaking off, you should replace it immediately. If these toys can withstand a police dog in training, they can certainly survive playtime with your Pit Bull.
Toys made of rope also have the added benefit of helping to improve your dog’s dental health.
Always make sure that the toys you give your dog are not small enough to be a choking hazard. The fibers act like floss as they rub against your dog’s teeth, removing plaque build up while your pup enjoys herself.

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