How to stop puppy from biting leash

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Note: this collar is not recommended for dogs whose necks measure less than 13 inches at the base, or weigh less than 18 lbs. The proper way to walk a dog is to keep the dog walking beside or behind you, with slack on the lead. However, when you reach your goal of walking without the dog pulling, the choke collar falls down to the base of the dog’s neck, which is the strongest part of the neck. The design of the collar simply keeps the collar up high on the neck, instead of down near the shoulders, which is the strongest point on a dog.

Therefore, if the dog starts to pull, it's difficult to correct him properly with a short tug on the lead. I decided to try the Illusion Dog Training Collar, which was designed by Cesar Millan's ex-wife, Illusion. Allowing a dog to pull in front while on a walk is not recommended, as it reinforces to a dog that he is YOUR pack leader. If you are one of those people who do not plan on teaching your dog to heel and are going to allow it to pull while on a walk, this collar is not for you.

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