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Be sure to take this fairly energetic toy spaniel for a walk every day or for some playtime in the yard. This namesake of Britain’s King Charles the 2nd has been identified in paintings from centuries ago, and was a favorite house pet well known as a lap and foot warmer and also had the glorious job of being a flea magnet to keep them from bothering their masters. They were friendly with all family members and this helped their popularity as a companion, so much so that is thought that King Charles favored his dogs over his royal duties.

As their popularity began to decrease in favor of less pointy-noses in England, but an American who was in favor of the pointed nose offered a prize for the best pointed nose and the breed once again flourished in numbers. He is a gorgeous Male Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a very soft expression, big head and nice structure.He is very laid-back and loves to lay on the couch and watch tv with you!
It’s hard to resist the sweet, softening expression of this small, yet well-built spaniel breed.

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