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Spencer's parents—(back) his father (sire) is a blue-nose named Desination Jazz, (front) his mother (dam) is a gray and white brindle named Storm.
Contrary to many media reports, pit bulls can make wonderful pets. These are beautiful dogs that can be found with a wide variety of colorings. The coat of brindle pitbulls is made up of several shades of brown with tiger-like stripes throughout. In some, the brindle coat covers their entire body while others have patches on an otherwise white, black or tan coat.

In most shelters, there are more pitbulls available for adoption than any other type of dog. You can still find dogs with Watchdog bloodlines in the pure form of the APBT, but most are now Bullies. Any breeder that would charge you more for a brindle pitbull has only his own best interests in mind.

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