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This black wooly giant of a dog was bred to help Newfoundland fishermen work in the cold waters of Canada.
Like the Newfoundland, the Portuguese Water Dog’s webbed feet are built for swimming, but the breed isn’t as bulky or wooly as the Newfoundland. Originally Posted by murnah All dogs toes are connected with a webbed piece of skin just like human fingers.
These feet have more prominent webbing,compared to my rottie which it barely goes past the knuckles. Originally Posted by Foresthound Here's a photo I got of Raggy,I consider it a more typical webbing.
If you’ve ever taken a closer look at your dogs feet, you’ll notice that they have lots of features that make them unique. European hunting dogs worked for Europe, but in the American South the terrain was very different.

But I've seen it in Pit bulls with very webbed feet which makes me think it can pop up in any breed. One of the things you may not have looked for before is whether or not your dog has webbed feet. And, of course, they have thick, webbed paws and the longest toes of any breed that let them tear through the water. She weighs 160 lbs and has webbed feet so people are telling us that she's at least part Newfoundland. Webbed feet aren’t all that uncommon in dogs, and they’ve intentionally been bred into some pups. They also use those paws to swim in a unique way, with a down-and-out motion, rather than an ordinary dog paddle. However, she looks EXACTLY like all of photos of purebred Great Pyrenees and has the double dewclaws on her back feet so I'm wondering if a Great Pyrenees can be that big and have webbed feet without being part Newfie.

You might recognize this kind of dog hanging out with the President of the United States of America, as Bo Obama has been leaving his webbed paw prints all over the White House for years.
They also had webbed feet, which let them doggedly pursue their prey, even through the swamps. Their feet may be small, but the webbing in their toes helps them move lots of dirt, letting them dig around for all sorts of small game. They were also used in the American West to hunt prairie dogs, which were pests for farmers.

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