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With their fun personalities and unique color, Blue nose pitbull is an excellent choice for a medium sized pet. Another thing you have to be prepared for is properly exposing them to other dogs and other animals. If you are thinking about getting a blue nose pitbull puppy, make sure that you have the time, energy and resources to raise this strong breed to become a calm and balanced dog.
Table Of ContentsBut before we go any further, let’s see how cute those pitbull puppies are. But just like with any other dog breed, you must first take into consideration your lifestyle and living conditions before buying or adopting this mighty breed.

These beautiful dogs are loyal and loving to their owners, but their level of friendliness toward strangers still all depend on early and consistent socialization.
Blue nose pitbulls can become very animal aggressive and must be under close supervision when interacting with other animals. Here is our popular post on top 10 dogs that don’t shed much, perfect for people with allergies.
Because of their tainted reputations, people are unaware that with the proper environment, these dogs are actually capable of being very sweet, loyal and even-tempered dogs. Because this breed can become pretty stubborn, training blue nose pitbull puppies as early as possible is very important, especially since it will help a lot with controlling these powerful dogs.

You, as an owner, need to be ready to walk and exercise these dogs everyday, give them the proper food, be prepared to cure possible skin illnesses (sometimes the cure is in their diet!), have a high fence, consistently train them, expose them to new situations (and know how to associate that situation to something positive), and constantly socialize them to both humans and other animals.
They probably aren’t the best choice for a guard dog since pits are supposed to be naturally friendly towards people, but this all depends on the dog’s genetics and how he is raised. Yes, these sound like a lot of work, but if you really love and care for your blue nose puppy pitbull, then you would be the perfect new owner of the one of a kind pitbull puppy!

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