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A: I am a certified master dog trainer and have been training dogs professionally for 22 years.
In 1987, I met a professional trainer from Germany who took me under his wing, and I apprenticed with him for approximately six months. A: I now offer dog training to the public at the Humane Society of the Nature Coast in Brooksville. I also conduct all temperament evaluations for dogs needing to be surrendered at the shelter. I am a mentoring trainer for the Animal Behavior College out of California and provide an apprenticeship program for their students wanting to become dog trainers.
I will soon be donating training of a disability assistance dog for one of our soldiers injured while serving in Iraq, and I am also working with a trainer in Texas to help acquire and train service dogs for disabled children. A: When I'm not training or doing something dog related, I like to go for walks in the park or at the beach. MADISON (WKOW) -- For nearly three decades Wisconsin Academy for Graduate Service Dogs, known as WAGS, has trained and found homes for more than 100 dogs who help people with mobility issues or other illnesses.One of those dogs, Toula, is growing up at WKOW.
He taught me a great deal about dogs and their behaviors and had me study canine psychology.

Our services have been utilized by the FBI, FEMA, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and Texas Equusearch.
I also teach separate obedience classes for our shelter dogs (with the assistance of wonderful volunteers) so the animals have a better chance of being adopted.
This helps ensure the adoptability of the dogs that are housed there, and the turnaround time for them to go to their forever homes will be much shorter.
We are putting together a network of select, certified trainers throughout the United States who are willing to donate their training of a dog to help children who are so desperately in need, but whose families can't afford the astronomical price for a service dog. Her trainer Jesi Hartman is a WKOW employee, so here at 27 News we've gotten a glimpse of the joys and struggles of that two-year training process.9-month-old Toula is making great progress. I became a trainer for his business until I opened my own training facility in 1989 as Stillwater Dog Training Inc.
For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Mobile Privacy Policy & Terms of Service. It takes about two years for a dog to get to the point of graduating the program and ready to be placed with a client. Some have to be retired and adopted as a pet, because of health or temperament.The trainers work with the WAGS dogs at home and in their daily lives, as well as at the WAGS training facility on the east side of Madison.

WAGS holds group meetings every other week to work together to keep the dogs on track with their skill development."The dogs get together and it helps them get socialized with other dogs, they learn to be relaxed around other dogs, how to play appropriately, things like that," says program director Sarah Sirios. They get distracted, want to play and have bad days, just like people do.Hartman has been working with Toula since fall and the puppy has certainly become a part of the family. Hartman says it will be hard when it comes time to send her on to the next step in the training process, but worthwhile."There's always tears when I say goodbye," she says. Toula is the fourth dog she's worked with, all three before her graduated and are working with clients.Seven dogs and volunteer trainers are with WAGS right now.
The organization doesn't have the staff to work with more than that and is losing some volunteer trainers this year.Right now, 10 to 15 people are waiting to be matched with a dog. Typically, Sirios says clients wait a year or two before they can get a service dog.A volunteer doesn't have to have training before joining WAGS.

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