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Pit Bull Gear Collars are made with high quality leather, hardware and the knowledge of the strength of a Pit Bull. We offer a wide range of leather styles (Croc, Gator, Genuine, Patent, Suede, Latigo), widths, designs and spike colors you can choose from. I wanted to buy a special collar for my Boxer that he could wear with pride and long term and this is it.

If you can not find what you are looking for, or have an idea for a collar you would like, chances are we can do it! Spiked jewelry is no stranger to the rock and metal crowd, but it seems that designer Joomi Lim is trying to bring that style to the main stream. Joomi Lim’s badass bracelets will definitely scare off most but will give your outfit a bit of rocker-chick edge.

The spiked cuffs, which could do quite a bit of damage if used right, come in both cold and silver with different spiked designs.

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