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The Piedmont Animal Control Officers are responsible for enforcement of all state laws and city ordinances relating to animals, including pick up and transportation of sick or injured animals, investigation of barking dog complaints, issuing citations or warnings for leash and licensing violations, capturing feral cats, and investigating cases of animal cruelty. Dog owners must clean up after their dogs in the parks as well as on the streets and sidewalks. All dogs in Piedmont must be leashed when in public, unless the pet has a permit tag to use designated off-leash recreation areas.
For further information, or for animal services assistance, contact the Animal Control Officers at (510) 420-3006.
Rosebud Sioux Tribe logo Credit Courtesy Rosebud Sioux Tribe The Rosebud Sioux Tribal Council met this week to discuss plans for preventing another fatal dog attack like the one that occurred last Saturday.
Paul Dulany, an animal control officer for the Larimer Humane Society, calls the office after responding to a call that the dog was barking at passersby Jan.

Fort Collins community members filed 409 complaints about barking dogs with Larimer Humane Society in the past year. Fort Collins residents frustrated by their neighbors' barking dogs may now find it easier to get a little peace and quiet. The council’s primary goal was to act with respect toward any dogs on the reservation as well as their owners, and the tribal membership as a whole. Animal control officers made 341 additional follow-up visits on those complaints in attempt to make contact with the pet owners. The city of Fort Collins has changed the way animal control officers deal with complaints about barking dogs, making it easier for residents to anonymously complain.
We are just trying to get control of the feral dog population.” As a result of Charging Whirlwind’s death, the Rosebud Sioux Tribal Council has reaffirmed its animal control ordinances.

Rosebud Sioux tribal police and Game, Fish and Park officers have the right to enter communities and attempt to identify feral dogs. If a dog’s owner cannot be located, it will either be taken to an impound location, if healthy and without an owner, or put down, if found to be sick or aggressive.

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