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I was reading your stories on the site about whelping puppies and I wanted to share a story of my own. I had learned by reading on this website if there is a dying or dead pup late in gestation it can cause all sorts of problems. Although this section is based on a whelping of an English Mastiff, it also contains good general whelping information on large-breed dogs.
My name is Allison, and I work in San Diego, CA, capturing the personalities of dogs and cats of all sizes & temperaments.

There were four large-sized puppies, one small one and one that looked to be dying or dead going by the size of the pup on the x-ray. This type of thing happens all of the time when breeding, but most breeders do not like to talk about this part of it. It was sad for the pups that did not make it, but all in all it seems to be a happy ending. Thank you for letting me tell my story and thank you for all of the information on this website.

An all-around mild mannered, wonderful Mastiff, Sassy, however, is not the best mother toward her puppies.

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